Recent incidents

Tried leasing an apt that was not his

I recieved a text message asking if I was available but because of everything going on I did not respond. Would like to know who it is. I don't know anyone in that area.

no name on caller id so goes unanswered!

Harassment calls,calling my employer, calling my ex boyfriend sending fake copy to order garnishment to my employer

I receive a call about once a week where the phone rings twice and hangs up. Probably a spoof call.

Missed call - no message left

Spoofing only text on my spouse phone

caller left voicemail claiming to be from social security administration

Thanking for unknown order with link to screen printed tee shirts. Gives an order number. Name used is not ours and we have not ordered anyprinted tee shirts

According to the voicemail I got, it is the offices of 2 healthcare workers who specialize in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, (NICU) issues.