Recent incidents

Did not leave message

none. missed call

sent text stating a local town in NJ changed their rules on health coverage also knew my first name which made it even weirder. no clue why I was sent the text to begin with

has called several times.. answer adn then click click and hang up... now blocked

When I returned missed call within minutes, I received message that number was no longer in use

Don't answer phone calls from Kolkata, West Bengal, India

They said that they were calling from the IRS, but it was an automated call. They said I had 24 hours to respond & that there were 4 issues against me (well something along those lines). Pretty sure this was a scam call as I can't think of any reason the IRS would be sending out automated calls.

tax scam

Spoofed number. When I called back it is not a working number.

suspect bill collector call