Recent incidents

This number has been blocked by my free blocking service which has designated it as a scam caller. The caller ID shown above the number was simply the V followed by the date and time the call was made and then a series of unknown numbers. I was suggest not answering this call.

Asking for ss number


Random numbers are calling me all day long! I think it's a police or a great hacker program

scam robo call FAKE GOV RE Social insurance - criminal activity on your number

They sent me a dirty text!

hacks f/b and says they have won money from PCH 9 Publihers Clearing House

Texted me my dead husband’s first name. Despicable.

call about senior Benefits. im not that old yet

Scam caller, and not a landline. Called the number back: "we're sorry, but the wireless customer is not available" Second call back resulted in a "security company" with an Indian accent.