Recent incidents

I called the number. It was an assisted living home in Concord NH, and their number is nothing like the number that I called that actually got to them- no idea how that works, but the nice secretary lady said they get a lot of 'these calls' - so someone has tied in the 724-6942 number with their number through some sort of devious technology for some devious cause.

i used a google screening service and have transcript of call. Asked them to identify themselves and why they are calling, They hung up

Robo call trying to sell scam insurance

Fake phone call stating they will issue a fake arrest warrant, demanding to call back the number.

+1 (647) 491-9345 he message me i don't know if legit number.

Call saying there was fraudulent acts on my social security number

Amanda dantas de lima

This number was used tonight for the daily call I get from the Mariott Hotels scammers.


Caller was a genuine follow-up from Vetsource, a veterinary pharmacy