San Bernardino (California) area codes and reported phone numbers

CountySan bernardino
San Bernardino city have 3 area codes. We have found 61 detailed reports in this city.

San Bernardino Area Codes

San Bernardino Detailed Reports

My wifes

My wifes

It's my wife's number


Thank you

Hang ups


would not leave a message, shows spam on caller ID

Robo call that stated there was a warrant for my arrest and to call immediately to get it figured out

Brittney you and James aren't together anymore??Girl I'm sorry He told me you guys weren't together any more that he was with Missy's n**sty *ss

This phone number said that IRS had a warrant for my arrest and better call them back

said they are IRS

IRS Scam Call from 760-304-8492

IRS Scam call coming from 760-304-8492. Gonna arrest me, etc. Call is automated and they want you to call them back so they can try to scam you

Unknown caller, left no message

Indicated legal type call for activities in our state, but state not named. First call to cell then voice mail indicating we should call the number.

scammer saying I need to call because of my legal problems. hahahahahaha

Its my daughter phone but i think she is using my number

The caller hangs up on 4 rings. When I call back, a recording says this is a non-working number. I guess it is a shady spamer.

I think its scammers



Tried to sell vi**gra and p*rn subscriptions to minors..female telemarketer said she would f*ck the minor's brains out...very rude and disgusting.

Automated message stated: “press 9 to be placed on the do not call list”

Help me

The number called me twice back to back and no one ever said a word. When I called the number back it wasnt a working number!!!

involves individuals claiming to be from the Social Security Administration (SSA). According to Gale Stallworth Stone, the Acting Inspector General of Social Security, reports of the new scam are coming from all over the country.

this person is saying he is a doctor and working in Yemen but does want to be on a video call. saying he is from the states. is that for real?

Amazon scam text !

Calls and hangs up not leaving a message

From someone claiming to be Nicholas Sugg. Name doesn't exist in California. Only wants money.

Repeated spam

Date site spam

Awesome guy

Neaver leave message

Says I am being sued for tax fraud.

Tax Fraud scam to be arrested for nonpayment.

Missed call


I have a couple of missed calls from this number. They hang up before I can reach my phone.Since I don't know anyone in California I've not tried to return the calls.

tried to contact me through duo.. ? a video call ap i dont have installed

This number comes from a scammer claiming to be from Microsoft by the name of Alice Wilson, and Alex, which is also a bogus name, BEWARE I WAS ALMOST SCAMMED OUT OF 29,000. SORRY POS. THEY TALK WITH A HEAVY ACCENT, MAYBE NIGERIAN. ETHIOPIAN DESCENT. BEWARE!!!!!

Habib in a call center wanted my info.
She said she needed to make sure who she talking with.
Gave her phoney name of
Johnny ElCumwadd.
HI JOHNNY, So you know its a scammer.
Let her run her d*cklicker a little longer and asked if she has any kind of a pesky gag reflex or can she down a d*ck to the sac?
And started reading from her notes about a mishap with my computers indormation and they are offering Visa cards or Curise ship passage as repayment.
Can I verify my bank info date of birth , state and county,.
I explained to her that all really wanted was to split her tiny puckered azzhole wide open with my dick and then clean it off in her throat or her daughters throat.
Or she could eat the anal creampie out of her little darlings bleeding bunghole..
I explained IT WOULDNT BE THE FIRST TIME HIS WIFE OR BITCH GOT IT UP THE AZZ,, Just its the first time NOT FROM A CAMEL OR the Oakland Raiders..
And i could just choke his daughter until her tounge hangs out and then ill use it to clean the first couple inches of the inside of my Colon and so she cant vomit I'll be a gentleman and shove my cock down her throat to keep the camel cum in her stomach she ate earlier where it belongs..
AND NOW HE SPEAKS REALLY GOOD INDIAN ENGLISH (7-11 KIND) and wants to threaten me with stealing my info and his abilities to bankruptcy my life..
I told him to GO FOR IT !!
But he better be good enough to get it done before I show up at his daughter's school and PIMP HER GUTS OUT and let a dog lick her ass and then her mouth after it eats some pork.
He got more.mad...
I just hung up..
I mean damn!!
Was just trying to help him out

He is a scammer that runs an instagram page that does fraud

Created online with my user info but with this phone number. I pray they are caught!

Fraud. They act like they are from Marriott. They ask you your name and they hang up on you. You call it back and it is a bogus redirected number.

Phone indicates debt collector.

Never leaves a msg . When I answer it no one says anything

Como se llama el dueño del número telefónico... por favor!!


No answer

This number called me 4 times in a row. I finally answered and no one was there. I have a feeling they are one of those scammers who try to steal you information on your phone once you pick up. DON'T ANSWER ANY NUMBERS YOU DON'T KNOW AND DON'T CALL BACK MISSED CALLS UNLESS THEY LEAVE YOU A VOICE MAIL AND IT IS A LEGITIMATE PERSON.

Jack *sses


I ignored the call

IRS scam

Most likely scam caller

Sent a threatening text to girlfriend claiming a note was left under her doormat and that I was kidnapped with their husband.

this number called me asking if I wanted a $2000 loan that was a big red flag this was a scam

Got a text saying my 2019 Amazon qualified me to choose $100.+ freebies for taking a survey.Its a scam

Received a text message about a package that cannot be shipped with number (951)530-4745. Need to know if it is a ligit number.