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Latest incidents

Reported from: Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

This appeared in a website to buy a supervise at a very less price, so reverse checked everything and it ended up here.... Email me @derricksampras1@gmail.com, they tend to get advance money and block people....

Reported from: Liberty Lake (Washington)

Callers/Scammers would not answer, then hang up if you asked them to remove you from their call list.

Reported from: Grand Rapids (Michigan)


Reported from: Federal Way (Washington)

cryptovirus ransomware-generated this phone number, specific to the victim. the malicious middle-eastern attacker who answers a call-back to this number expects the victim and is relentless in demanding ransom to decrypt hard drive. even if the ransom demand were met ($5000) there is absolutely no guarantee they would make good on decrypting the hard drive. back tracing the phone number does not lead back to a brick and mortar location.

Reported from: La Grange (Texas)

called twice now. I do not answer.
Annoying spammer.

Reported from: Charlotte (North Carolina)

Craigslist Scammer - obviously sending automatic texts and typical “I’ll send you a cashier’s check and the movers will pick up the goods” hogwash.

Reported from: Frederick (Maryland)

This number told me my car warranty was about to expire and asked me if I wanted to hear my options. When I said yes, the line got cut. Impossible to call the number back.

Reported from: Chicago (Illinois)

Called said son was in car accident and is in jail. Wire him money to bail him out. Also saw the same number with different area code South Carolina to be exact reports same thing. ?+1 (281) 250-2924? This number is the one that called me and fake my son in accident and jail. I personally like messing back with them. By giving fake name and random 20 number card that don’t exist it’s only till the 13 number they than get mad and hang up on me lmao

Reported from: Toronto (Ontario)

scammer and cheaters

Reported from: Lancaster (California)


Reported from: Jacksonville (Florida)

This number is associated with a response by text from a false confirmation message sent after a purchase is made from a fake website. This website claims to sell popular tech at huge discounts. No one ever receives the merchandise after the online order.

Reported from: Caledon (Ontario)

Duct Cleaning

Reported from: Warrensburg (Missouri)

they wanted to give me 10,000 dollars every week, scammer!!!!

Reported from: Greater Sudbury (Ontario)

This person is trying to sell cell phones and giving a great deal of information when you request. The info seems to be the real deal but when money is sent you receive no tracking info like promised. Fraud department had been informed.

Reported from: Delaware (Ohio)

Got cussed out by a fake credit card 'company'

Reported from: Laguna Beach (California)

Automated Chinese language spam.

Reported from: Warren (Michigan)

Says they're the social security administration. SMH ????

Reported from: Elkhart (Indiana)

Scam stole 4000 from family.

Reported from: Spartanburg (South Carolina)

Rings and hangs up; leaves no message.

Reported from: Los Angeles (California)

Scam regarding Credit Card interest rate